The Vulnerability Champion has recently closed a case whereby he supported several residents for a period of over 15 months as a result of anti-social behaviour from a resident. The resident in question was not only causing severe noise nuisance, but was also receiving undesirable visitors in the property. This caused many of the local residents to become fearful for their own safety and that of their property. Indeed, some of the neighbouring residents were so fearful that they would not even leave their own property after certain hours and would no longer park their cars outside of their properties, for fear of vandalism.

As a result of numerous fires in the offending property, the Vulnerability Champion ensured that all nearby properties were offered Home Fire Risk Checks by Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service. All residents accepted this service and stated that it made them feel far safer from the risk of fire. In addition, security cameras and security lights were fitted to nearby properties with the residents stating that this greatly reduced their fear of leaving their properties and enabled them to park their vehicles nearby again.

Some residents expressed a desire to leave their homes as a result of the situation and as a result, the Vulnerability Champion assisted them in completing social needs forms, submitting these to the Council, and representing their case to enable them to be granted a higher housing band which, in turn, greatly increased the likelihood of them securing a move.

Many of the residents, however, wished to remain in their properties and for the problem to be resolved. The Vulnerability Champion

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provided support to these residents, liaised with the Council regarding the appropriate ways of reporting incidents and passed sanitised and data protection compliant data between the Council and the residents to ensure that they were always fully informed of the progress of the case which was being taken through the legal channels.The Vulnerability Champion prepared to support those residents that had made formal statements and were willing to follow through the process to Court.  He had also prepared for cross examination in Court over his own statement to help strengthen the case against the offender. This, however, was not required as the Court followed the granting of a suspended possession order, shortly afterwards by a full eviction as a result of continued complaints.

The residents have expressed their sincere gratitude to the Vulnerability Champion for assisting them throughout the situation and for helping them to regain their happiness, freedom and healthy home life.


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