There are a number of funding streams available for organisations, individuals and businesses. This section will provide the key funding opportunities that are currently available.




All funding requests to the Locality Partnership Group (LPG) must meet one or more of the priority outcomes for Cannock Chase as detailed in the priorities section.

If an organisation wishes to access funding from the Locality Partnership Group (LPG) a request needs to be submitted using a LPG Funding Request Form. View a copy of the LPG Commissioning Protocol for more information.

These forms can be requested from the Partnerships & Communications team, lead name Karla Vowles.

The completed forms need to be returned to Karla Vowles at the Council’s Partnerships team electronically or in a hard copy format.

Karla’s details are: Email:  Tel: 01543 464635

The funding request will then be considered at the next available meeting of the LPG. The organisation seeking funding will be requested to be in attendance at the LPG when the form is considered to present and take any questions from members.

Usually a decision will be made at the LPG as to whether funding is granted, however if satisfactory evidence is not provided this may be deferred whilst the appropriate information is sought.

If funding is granted a purchase order will be raised by Cannock Chase Council with an invoice submitted by the requester quoting the purchase order and address of the council; Cannock Chase Council, Beecroft Road, PO Box 28, WS11 1BG.
Payment will be made to the requester via cheque or BACS.

NB. Please see Appendix 1 of the Funding form for General Conditions of Grant.


If funding is granted the recipient organisation must complete a LPG Evaluation Form every 6 months from grant of funding until completion of the project.

These forms can be requested from the Partnerships team, lead name Karla Vowles.

Completed evaluations need to be sent to Karla Vowles, electronically or in a hard copy format. The evaluation will then be considered at the next available meeting of the LPG. If further information is required the Chair of the LPG will make contact with the relevant organisation requesting for this to be provided.

If evaluation forms are not completed this may lead to funding being refused to that organisation in the future.


Community Safety Hub funding is intended to remedy/prevent immediate crime, disorder or vulnerability issues; for example, the installation of additional security measures following a burglary of a vulnerable resident, targeted diversionary activities at times of proven risk and the payment of initial court fees for those seeking domestic violence injunctions who have exhausted all other avenues.

The funding limit is £1,000, although bids above this amount may be considered in exceptional circumstances. An evaluation, the form of which is provided once the bid has been formally agreed, is expected within one month of project completion and failure to submit will negatively affect future bids.

For any further queries, please contact Oliver Greatbatch on 01543 464477 or

If an organisation wishes to access funding from the Community Safety Hub (CSH) a request needs to be submitted using a CSH Funding Request Form

For further information contact Oliver Greatbatch by emailing


Police & Crime Commissioner’s People Power Fund for grants between £100 and £3,000

Police and Commissioner’s Proceeds of Crime Fund  – for grants between £3,000 and £15,000



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